Who loves strawberries? Or more, who doesn’t? There is something amazing in this time of the year, the strawberries have the most flavor, the the asparagus is fresh, the rhubarb is too, the bbq season is on… I love love love love love it.

To keep that spirit during other months, I love making jams. It can be used for pancakes, sandwiches, and cakes any time of the year! Also, smells amazing. Also, it is the easiest thing to make!


  • 2 pounds of strawberries
  • half a glass of sugar

Remove the leaves from strawberries and if they are big cut them into smaller pieces. Put the strawberries in the big pot with thick bottom (I used my dutch oven), add sugar and let it slowly cook. Make sure to mix it once in a while so it doesn’t burn, and cook until the jam gets dense. If you like it to be smooth, blend it when almost ready.

In the meantime clean and dry the jars. When the consistency of the jam is dense, pour it into the jars when still hot, close the jars and set them aside upside down. This will make the lid seal.

And…. that’s all! Enjoy!