Welcome to my world of happy life.

Take a seat and some snacks, grab a glass of wine or a mug of hot tea and enjoy yourself.

I consider making food my relaxation method. Stressed? I bake. Nervous? I cook. Anxious? Here’s the cake. I want to show you how much fun cooking and baking can be.
But our life is not only about eating (or is it?), it is about enjoying it. For me that happens everywhere, not only in the kitchen.

I pretend to be funny, make my own jokes and laugh about them myself. If that does not scare you, nothing will!

Coming from Krakow, Poland to Boston, MA, there is a lot of changes, but pierogi always taste the same anywhere you go. Polish comfort food is my favorite (right after pizza) and I will show you how to like it even more.

Not bored? Good! Can’t wait to show you what we can do together.