I’m Ola, welcome to my world.

I’m glad you came here. Enjoy yourself and stay longer.

I’m a Polish girl, living her happy life. I love cooking and baking, but weirdly, for everyone else but myself. Come over when I throw a party, you will see! I love traditional Polish food and I want to show you how great it can be. But it’s not the only thing I cook (duh!), married to American men, who loves Italian food…. there’s a lot more going on in my kitchen.

My mom was always baking, for any occasion, so I started baking pretty early too. Now I appreciate quick but delicious sweet (but not only) snacks, when I’m surprised by unexpected guests, or just need a comfort food RIGHT NOW.

But life is not only about the kitchen, so come over often, you may see more than just my oven. I want it to be as magical as unicorn, as chill as alpacas, and as smily as sloth’s face. I also consider myself super funny (and laugh at my own jokes, so imagine how great they are!), but my jokes are just losing in translation sometimes. You can still laugh, even if only to be polite. I take it.

Hopefully you find this place interesting and fun. Make a cup of coffee and relax, there is more to come!